Feel the atmosphere

Dining room

It’s a light separate room with 22 seats. The light blue walls are decorated with still-life paintings, art porcelain and floral arrangements. A bright baroque folding-screen and a tapestry are typical for cozy homes of the time. White pre-weathered furniture and a light hand-painted cupboard give it an Italian touch. The room can comfortably house up to 25 people.

Sofa stateroom

It’s a small room for 6 people that resembles a luxurious compartment of an old-fashioned train. Heavy velvet curtains, fabric lamp shade, pictures on the walls, a magnificent tablecloth – all that create the right atmosphere for a laidback table talk.

Living room with piano

It’s a grand room for 12 people painted in bright warm colours. An antique piano, a big carved sofa abundantly covered with cushions, exquisite pictures on the walls and wooden cupboards filled with antique knickknacks, subtle singing of birds in a fancy cage recreate the leisurely atmosphere of the old days.
In the evenings one can enjoy live piano music of the time.


It’s a small room for 14 people decorated in the style of writer’s study. Busts of Voltaire and Apollo, an inkstand, quills, a bookcase with old books – all that create a pensive mood. The austere style is offset by a warm stove, thick carpet on the floor and soft leather sofas. Twinkling of candles and the placid light of the green lamp shade will suggest the topic for an essay or a peaceful after-dinner discussion.